The History of Nottingham

Nottingham has a long history shrouded in drama, mystery and myth. From the
world-famous outlaw, Robin Hood, to three literary giants, Lord Byron, DH Lawrence and Alan Silitoe, the city's heritage is literally made of legends

Lace Industry
Nottingham was a leader in the field of lace making, an industry that was particularly prominent in the 19th century when lace was a symbol of high-fashion and style in clothing and in the home. Two key inventions originating from Nottinghamshire gave rise to the thriving local industry:

In 1589 local inventor, William Lee, developed a framework knitting machine which enabled the manufacture of large volumes of lace

In 1808 John Heathcoate developed a hand operated machine which marked the beginning of the local lace industry

There were over 130 lace factories in Nottingham's Lace Market before changing fashions marked the decline of the industry. Today the Lace Market it is a fashionable area of the city centre which provides stunning examples of 19th century industrial architecture.

The city has seen many of the worlds well known brands, technologies and achievements emerge from its workshops, factories and laboratories:

Boots the chemists
MRI scanner
HP sauce
Raleigh Chopper

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